Democratic Platform

Plataforma Democrática is an initiative of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Foundation and the Edelstein Center for Social Research dedicated to the strengthening of Latin American democratic institutions and culture

Created in 2008, the Democratic Platform is an initiative that aims to identify, analyze and discuss the main challenges to strengthening democracy in Latin America. The initiative organizes debates and produces studies in cooperation with a network of partner institutions in several countries of the region and beyond. It addresses topics ranging from the impact of new media and new forms of social activism to the effects of changes in geopolitics and the global economy on Latin American democracies.

Coordinated in partnership with the Edelstein Center for Social Research, the Democratic Platform has its own website that offers free access to several videos  of the debates held by the project and also a number of publications, including the Portuguese edition of the Journal of Democracy.

Democratic Platform:

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