The Collection is used by diverse audiences — from researchers, archivists, journalists to people interested in Brazilian history and politics

The collection’s basic activities are: 

1. Free online access to the documents, as well as the provision of copies or electronic files upon signature of a term of use.

2. Technical visits for professional or student archivists. On these visits, participants are shown the installations, the exhibitions and the document description methodology. The two-hour visits take place once a month on Thursdays, starting at 2:20 p.m. Appointments should be registered via the email:

3. Technical seminars for Brazilian and foreign archivists, social scientists, historians and museologists to discuss subjects of interest in archival science.

Naming the documents: from theory to practice Oct. 24. 2013 - Fundação FHC auditorium
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Digitalization and internet: commitment to ethics and the law Oct. 28. 2009 - Fundação FHC auditorium
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Digitalization: potential and commitment Sep. 23. 2009 - Fundação FHC auditorium
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Personal archives of public office holders: curatorship and technical treatment Nov. 5. 2007- Fundação FHC auditorium
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Private documents of public office holders Nov. 26. 2004 - Fundação FHC auditorium

4. Thematic workshops, a hands-on activity meant to discuss the methodological options that support the archival processing of documents preserved by the institution. 

Personal archives: the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Foundation experience  

26/10/2015 - Fundação FHC auditorium
07/06/2016 - Fundação FHC auditorium
14/06/2016 - Fundação FHC auditorium
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